Our commitment to freshness is unmatched. We make everything in-house, right down to our pasta noodles.


We spend most of our time sourcing and preparing locally grown Manitoba foods.


Good food starts with the best ingredients. If it's not fresh, we aren't interested.


Our award-winning chef brings decades of experience to our menu and kitchen staff.

What's New at Prairie's Edge?

WE’RE BACK IN KILDONAN PARK! A huge thank-you, Winnipeggers, who supported us and visited us on the bridge. We are eternally grateful for each and every one of you!


Fall / Winter Hours:

MON …¬†Closed

TUE …¬†Closed

WED … 9am – 8pm

THU … 9am – 8pm (Music Nights at 6pm)

FRI … 9am – 9pm

SAT … 9am – 9pm (Brunch till 3pm)

SUN … 9am – 8pm (Brunch till 3pm)

A sign marking the location of the restaurant within the park